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What are Deepfakes – And How can you Spot them?

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, so too do the capabilities for creating hyper-realistic digital forgeries known as deepfakes. These AI-generated fake videos and images are becoming more convincing and widespread, heralding a new era of digital misinformation. Understanding what deepfakes are, their potential impact, and how to detect them is crucial in today’s […]

Quilt AI

Quilt is Building Something Big for Solutions Professionals

Quilt is build something big for solutions professionals. Is the future of solutions sales resting in the hands of AI? This question looms large as the tech industry continues to evolve. Solutions professionals are the linchpins in pitching complex tech to potential buyers. Yet, their importance is often overshadowed by the lack of resources. Dan

Apple and Google Gemini

News: Google Gemini for Apple iPhones

In an industry where innovation is the currency, Apple’s potential partnership with Google to integrate the advanced Google Gemini AI model into iPhone features signifies a pivotal moment. As reported by Bloomberg, this collaboration could not only solidify Google’s role as the dominant search engine provider on Apple’s Safari but also position both tech giants

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