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Quilt is Building Something Big for Solutions Professionals

Quilt is build something big for solutions professionals. Is the future of solutions sales resting in the hands of AI? This question looms large as the tech industry continues to evolve. Solutions professionals are the linchpins in pitching complex tech to potential buyers. Yet, their importance is often overshadowed by the lack of resources. Dan Chen aims to change this narrative with Quilt, his latest venture.

The Backbone of B2B Sales

Dan Chen, a seasoned entrepreneur, understands the plight of solutions teams. With a history at Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, Chen is no stranger to innovation. He co-founded Hero, a Salesforce support app, acquired by People.ai in 2021. Chen’s insights into solutions teams’ challenges are profound and personal.

The Birth of Quilt

Together with Michael Graczyk, Chen embarked on creating Quilt. This platform is unique, powered by generative AI. It emerged from a dual realization. Firstly, the market demanded efficiency over blind growth. Secondly, the advent of ChatGPT in 2022 opened new AI possibilities.

The AI tool offers AI assistants to solutions sales teams. These assistants tackle various tasks with unprecedented efficiency. From filling out proposals to answering technical queries, they redefine workflow automation.

A Distinct Approach

Chen emphasizes Quilt’s unique capability to avoid AI “hallucinations.” This issue, where AI fabricates information, is a known problem. Quilt’s AI is trained to distinguish between known facts and speculative data. This precision builds trust and reliability, setting the AI tool apart from competitors.

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Prioritizing Privacy and Security

In an era where data privacy is paramount, Quilt stands firm. It guarantees stringent data protection measures. Users can request data deletion at any time, ensuring privacy and security. This commitment has attracted significant investment, signaling strong market confidence.

Expanding Horizons

With fresh funding, Quilt plans to expand its team and capabilities. The goal is to develop new AI assistants for solutions teams. Chen believes AI will differentiate top sales organizations from the rest. His vision for the AI tool is not just about enhancing productivity. It’s about transforming how solutions teams interact with potential customers.

The AI Impact on Sales

The adoption of generative AI in sales is increasing. A survey by Outreach highlights this trend. 62% of sales orgs now use generative AI for various tasks. Despite concerns about accuracy, many see AI as a productivity booster.


Quilt is at the forefront of redefining solutions sales through AI. By focusing on efficiency, privacy, and reliability, it offers a promising future. Solutions teams, long the unsung heroes, now have a powerful ally in the AI tool. As AI evolves, platforms like Quilt not only showcase its potential but also affirm the critical role of these teams in sales success.

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