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How to Create an AI App in Just 10 Minutes

What if I told you that the magic to create an AI app is not just a possibility but a reality that can be achieved in mere minutes? Welcome to the groundbreaking world of MindStudio, a platform that turns the complex process of AI app development into a fascinating journey accessible to everyone.

Create an AI App with MindStudio

Only half a year since its inception, MindStudio has emerged as a revolutionary free platform that democratizes the creation of custom AI applications. Found at, this platform is not just another tool; it’s a visual studio designed for the seamless assembly of AI-driven workflows, assistants, and chatbots. CEO Dimitry Shapiro reveals a staggering achievement: over 18,000 apps have been brought to life through MindStudio in its brief existence.

Transforming Ideas into AI-driven Solutions

For those pondering over the necessity and mechanics of crafting AI applications, let’s take a page from OpenAI’s book with its GPT apps. These applications encapsulate the prowess of GPT-3.5 into focused topics, allowing creators to distribute and monetize their innovations. Shapiro, however, highlights the limitations within OpenAI’s framework and introduces MindStudio as a more flexible and inclusive alternative.

Unlike the rigid bookmark-like approach of GPT apps, MindStudio embraces a model-agnostic philosophy. This unique attribute enables the use of diverse generative models within a single application, making the platform infinitely more adaptable and powerful.

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Ease of Use

If you’re imagining a steep learning curve, think again. MindStudio is crafted with the non-developer in mind, simplifying the transition from concept to creation. An 18-minute video tutorial lays the groundwork, complemented by a plethora of templates catering to various business needs. Though I encountered a few outdated elements in the tutorial, the overall experience was intuitive, bolstered by prompts guiding me through any changes.

The creation process is a visual delight, allowing for the addition and customization of components within the app’s workflow. Whether it’s choosing among models like GPT-3.5 turbo or PaLM 2, MindStudio offers a versatile palette for every task. However, it remains neutral in recommending specific models for certain tasks, leaving room for exploration and personalization.

A Playground for Innovation

My journey through MindStudio led me to develop an AI app centered around mobile photography advice. Utilizing the foundational knowledge from the blog post generator tutorial, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and efficiency of the process. MindStudio champions a user-friendly approach, whether you dabble in coding or prefer a more hands-off method.

The platform introduces innovative controls such as the ‘Temperature’ setting, which influences the creativity of the AI’s responses. This feature, among others, provides a glimpse into the inner workings of AI models and allows for a tailored user experience.

Accessible to All, Tailored for the Pro

MindStudio’s generosity extends beyond its free service, which includes unlimited usage and basic analytics. For those seeking enhanced capabilities, subscription options unlock advanced models, less branding, and features like site embedding. The top-tier plan caters to businesses aiming to monetize their AI apps, offering comprehensive analytics, API access, and more.

Empowering Businesses and Individuals Alike

MindStudio is not just a tool but a catalyst for innovation, empowering businesses to enhance customer engagement and streamline their services. The level of customization, even for free users, is impressive, allowing for personalized icons, artwork, and landing pages.


My journey with MindStudio, from a nascent idea to a fully functional AI chatbot, was nothing short of astonishing. The freedom to select the ideal model for each task within the app underscores the platform’s versatility. MindStudio proves that the creation of an AI app, imbued with fun and utility, is not only achievable but also accessible to everyone, marking a new era in the democratization of AI technology.

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